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Some Notes

Ownership: Skip Rowland Photography retains the copyright to all images produced. Deliverable files are licensed to clients based on their needs; please inquire if you have any questions.

Watermarks: Depending on what you purchase, your delivered file may or may not have a watermark or a signature mark; it will not have a cross-mark. Art prints and canvases will be signed; event prints may or may not be signed. Contact me if you have any questions.

File specifications: By default, all of our print-ready files are produced to the Associated Press standard: 300dpi, not to exceed 2MB, and with complete IPTC metadata and captioning applied.

Upon request, individual file captioning and keywording can be applied.

File naming: Unless directed otherwise, Skip Rowland Photography follows industry best practices for naming files: date-description-sequence number-suffix. For example: 181206-wren-yard-at-night-0233-300dpi (the suffix describes the nature of the files). While clients may rename delivered files as they wish, please be advised that can make it difficult for us to retrieve specific files from our library.

Maintenance: While Skip Rowland Photography maintains both local and cloud-based archives, we do not guarantee our client’s assets. It is the client responsibility to effectively maintain their delivered files.

Library Fees: In order to offset the cost of maintaining our digital archives, we reserve the right to charge library fees for researching and pulling images from our archives.